Brilliant Comics of Couples that will make your Day

Nov 29th, 2018
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There are better days and then there are days when you want to tear every piece of your husband or wife, meh! It’s fairly common among couples. And Israeli artist, illustrator Yehuda Devir has mastered these fluctuating moods aptly with his daily comics starring himself and his beautiful wife. We have collected a few brilliant ones just to make your day, for more follow him on his Instagram page.

1. New year’s eve after you have hit thirty, practical and real.

2. The age old Am I getting fat darling!


3. Some husbands just need a pat on the back

4. We can’t ignore the ones we love, even when we are angry.


5. Carpooling together coz we don’t karaoke anymore at clubs

6. Men in kitchen, mission impossible!


7. The time when you won’t let your husband work.

8. When he wants to be the superman and carry you to bed.


9. The first ever white hair, makes him cringe.

10. When you want to prove that you are better than him at anything and everything.


11. The usual tantrums after a haircut.

12. When he carries you drunk out of the club.


13. Scenes after a hard day at work.

14. When he decides to go full-Monty on you!


15. When you realize you are finally old for all the romance.

16. A day after Thanksgiving.


17. When your man is hot and you have to defend him from prying eyes.

18. Trying to make up in bed after a fight.


19. A hug from her makes the whole hard day melt in her arms.

20. When your husband is a live teddy bear, snuggles all day!


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