10 Of The Craziest Things Seen On Google Maps

Dec 17th, 2018
Name Team

Gone are the days when you feel awkward pointing a spot on a physical map and asking for directions. Now we have a sexy feminine voice guiding our every step. But there are also some unusual things spotted on the map that catch our attention. Bizarre or just plain co-incidence you can decide.

1. Prada goes Nada in the desert.

2. We finally found the bat cave.


3. New humans developing from micro-organisms.

4. When the map shows your address to the delivery guy.


5. Don’t tell me Egyptians built underground pyramids too?

6. When you can’t decide you are just married or love Christmas.


7. That is a beautiful dream catcher drawn by the aliens.

8. Harry Potter left their flying car again on the roof.


9. The one-eyed monster, did we just find the minions dad?

10. Someone shot the Easter bunny.


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