Women Reveal Strange Cravings They Have On Their Periods

Jan 20th, 2019
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No? Ok then...

Any other women crave beef jerky or steak when on period? I do.

Cartoon food can be just as appetizing.

You know, its a bit sad when youre on your period watching spongebob then you actually crave a krabby patty. Sure, its just a burger but still, Ive never looked at one that way before.


The tell-tale sign.

My bf knows when I’m on my period. How? It’s the only time I ever crave Oreos and lots of it.

Something crunchy is nice to have around.

I crave ice when Im on period. I never do any other time.


The trifecta.

You know you’re on your period when all you crave is chocolate, peanut butter, and booze.

The primal urges come through.

I don’t understand why I get so turned on when I’m in my period. Like I crave sex while I’m menstruating.


The meat cravings are out of control.

I very rarely eat meat. When my period is bad I crave steak, burgers, and ribs. When I dont have it I eat a little chicken occasionally. Thank God I only get it every 3 months.

You know it's coming when...

I know my period is coming when I crave pickle juice.



I crave milk when Im on my period.

Sometimes it's nothing at all.

When I’m on my period I’m not hungry. My poor bf always worries and asks me if I want food but I say no because I don’t crave anything.


You never know when the mood will strike.

You know you’re getting close to your period when you crave chili cheese fries at 830AM

There's a difference.

I crave a lot of intimacy when Im on my period. NOT sex.


The two usually go hand in hand.

I know Im about to get my period when I start to crave candy or cry about REALLY dumb things

You can't help it.

Went out at night to buy olives. Yes, I crave weird foods when Im on my period.


Strange how that happens.

I don’t really eat popcorn but when ever I get my period I crave it

Don't question it.

I crave orange chicken when on my period. Dunno why.


The carbs are calling.

I know most girls on their period crave chocolate, but when Im on my period I crave pasta

Not typically what you'd go for...

When I’m on my period I crave donuts. It’s so weird... I don’t even like donuts that much.


Sometimes it's very specific.

I hate getting my period when Im on a weight loss regimen because not only does the bloating discourage me, but I specifically crave pizza and chocolate and thats like all I can eat that whole week.

You know what you want.

When period makes you crave a box of dozen sugar glazed krispy kreme doughnuts 🤤😤

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