30 People Wearing Weird T-shirts

Dec 11th, 2018
Name Team

Graphic tees are a big deal and they speak out the mind. But when the tees are worn during odd situations they tend to create funny reactions. The best way to enjoy these slogans is to watch and learn! Lol!

1. That pick up line surely works during a drunken party.

2. The cow just found its soul mate on a tee.


3. Just like moral policing selfie policing is for real!

4. When you find a cheap celebrity lookalike.


5. Is it chick magnet or chick-a-fill magnet!

6. Haha! This one got us screaming loud!


7. At the dentist/ER for sure you live only once.

8. Someone got their career right.


9. I guess we found a set of long lost twins.

10. When reel life imitates real life.


11. When you cannot find your razor.

12. We painted the walls and t-shirt too.


13. Oh! We found a chameleon on loose.

14. That’s one rude t-shirt out there. Control the population!


15. Looks like some oriental spa ad.

16. When your cool mug is printed on a tee and you look nothing like it in real life.


17. Tattoo obsession just got face time.

18. Yes darling! Absolutely you have the perfect smile.


19. Next time ask for the right directions.

20. Looks like a scene out of Final Destination.


21. Piglet fainted on meeting his fan.

22. Amazing how some people attract Law n Order.


23. We found the lost bear from Goldilocks.

24. When you are the perfect daddy to your pet.


25. He just spoke out his feelings loud and clear.

26. Sure kid you’re dumb enough to wear one of your mistakes.


27. He is probably having a divine intervention in his head.

28. When you are sexy and you know it!


29. We are not sure what size the bird was.

30. When you pose for the yearly book in your favourite t-shirt.

Those are some hilarious snaps and the ones wearing those t-shirts never would have thought in their wildest dreams that they would get famous for it.


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