21 Pictures that prove this World is Crazy

Dec 16th, 2018
Name Team

Life mirrors history and ideally history is created every day, especially on the internet. Millions of pictures uploaded everyday and the ones that we find bizarre or outright crazy have been given below.

1. Didn’t know that the chariot race is still on from Ben-hur’s time.

2. Now that’s what we call a frozen nut.


3. Oh! Looks like someone is not happy with the winning prize of the race.

4. The bees were just following the sunflower.


5. Cougar looking for a companion.

6. Honey! I shrunk the combs.


7. Someone is a huge fan of Bingo.

8. When you troll the mouse into a mousetrap.


9. Someone is going to have a hurt butt in the end.

10. Show me your luck Stella! Hooman you are about to lose.


11. Human touch to the ATM.

12. Twister sisters.


13. When the janitor fills in the teaching position during half semester.

14. Outgrown the pool has a new meaning.


15. I will conquer the world, one camp at a time.

16. They actually wanted a see-saw, but the contractor delivered a bench lol!


17. This is what married life is all about. Balancing.

18. Never heard of dinosaur minions.


19. When the artist has a cruel sense of humour. Shows in his exhibition.

20. Never heard of window binging.


21. When you carry your gym with you.

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